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A message from Jacob - our Deputy Head Boy

Hi everyone, 

I’m Jacob  and I am Deputy head boy here at Northfield road primary schooI. I hope everyone is ok? Keep staying home and staying safe. I know it’s difficult because I’m finding it difficult myself. I miss friends, teachers and my school routine. 

We’re all trying new things and finding new ways of learning like baking, board games and making and sticking. I feel lucky that we have technology throughout  this strange time because I get to see my family on video calls and online so I don’t miss them as much as I would if I couldn’t contact them at all. 

My mom says we’re all superhero’s for staying in and keeping the world safe and I thought if I could have a super power i would choose  super strength. What would your superhero power be if you could pick one? I hope I see you all really soon.