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A message from Rosie - our Head Girl


Are you like me finding lots of good things to do?

Are you like me missing your friends?

Are you like me being driven mad by your brothers and sisters?

Or have you suddenly found lots of things to do now, such as finding that you have a hidden talent for baking;

learning how to knit, or trying to see “How many gummy bears can you fit in your mouth at the same time?"

Well, if you are missing your friends maybe you could call, video call, or play with them on a game or console.

As for your brothers and sisters, I can’t do anything but give you advice on this one, maybe you could just smile and blow them a kiss, remember the rules on social distancing though!

This might be a good time to do some family bonding since you are all stuck with each other. Also remember to keep getting exercise in the garden or somewhere you have space to.


Thank you to the NHS and the other wonderful people helping and supporting us at this time.

The final thing I want to tell you is to stay positive and keep smiling, however hard it is.

We will get through this together.

Rosie x