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Internet Safety

Lee & Kim' Cartoon Suitable 5 yrs -- 7 yrs

Cartoon 'Lee & Kim' if you have small children from 4 -- 7 years then you should let them view this short 10 minute cartoon, which is designed to keep them safe whilst online and more importantly, this cartoon teaches them in their early years.

Here are some websites for you to look at to explain how to keep safe online, click on the website address and it will take you to the website.
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Staying safe online


Inform your parents when you are going online.

Never open emails from people you do not know.

Tell a trusted adult if someone asks you to meet them.

Everything you add to a social networking site can be copied or printed.

Remember to change your password regularly.

Numbers in passwords make it harder to guess.

Enjoy the internet, it can be great fun.

Talk to a trusted adult f you are upset or worried.


Sending pictures  to people you don't know is not a good idea.

Ask you parents before downloading Apps

Following some simple rules will help you stay safe online.

Excessive use of the internet can be harmful.

Telling people you don't know, your personal details is not a good idea.

You can stay safe and still have fun.

Cyber Bullying


Cyber bullying is when people send nasty and upsetting messages.

You should always tell a trusted adult if you receive nasty messages.

Bullying is never a nice thing to do to others.

Every time you get a nasty message tell a trusted adult.

Replying to nasty messages is not a good idea.


Be careful who you give your mobile phone number to.

Upsetting messages should always be reported.

Learn the 'Think u Know' Cyber Bullying safety rules.

Let a trusted adult know if you think one of your friends is being bullied.

You can get lots of help if you are being bullied.

It is not your fault if you are being bullied.

Nasty messages may seem like a bit of fun but they are not.

Good friends will always help you.