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Mrs Bennett's Update - Day 5

Hello troopers,


Well look at that, you did a whole week of home learning, well done!  You should be very proud of yourselves.  Go and find a grown up in your house and say well done to them too!  They have also been working hard helping you out whilst we are all told to stay at home.


Did you hear the clapping last night?  Many of you may have been in bed asleep but for those who were awake it was to say thank you to our NHS workers.  Some of your family will work for them, they are doing a brilliant job.


If you watch the news on TV or a device, look for the people helping.  There are always people helping, all the time everywhere. 


School has been preparing for next week. There is a rainbow up in the school window, you can see it on the web-site.  Many of you have started drawing pictures and sending them in.  We are forwarding them to care homes and those self isolating.  Don't forget to stick a rainbow in your own window, 'stronger together, linked together, caring together'


Stay strong and be good,


Mrs Bennett