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Parent Council

Parent Council meeting: 30.4.19


NB, AD, ER, JP, AC, SB, KB, ST, AG and LO


Apologises from Laura Taylor


-Welcoming of Amy Glover and other members of the council


-Discussions of action points from last time:


*Everyone should now have emails to communicate with council members

*Twitter and Facebook account to begin in September due to Academy take over

*Reception induction dates are in process and coffee mornings are in process

*Suggestion box ordered and also have the opportunity to email suggestions in too

*Shopping bags for the Fun Day – N Bennett to source


-KB explained StourVale and the Local Authority interviewed 4 potential Headteachers and Mrs Bennett was successful. Parents happy with appointment and pleased there will now be stability and Mrs Bennett is the one who will now take the school ahead


-Deputy headteacher and Assistant headteacher posts now externally being advertised and will be appointed by half term


-Stourvale visions are clear and CEO very personable. Consultation period has run smoothly and meetings have been productive. Sharing leadership at all levels across the Academy Trust. Leaders meet together and share ideas and practise


-Parents were pleased with the vast improvement in communication and how parents are being listened to. Paperless options for letters discussed, some letters could be in the office for parents to pick up but text messages and emails could be used. Needs to be made clear that only one letter will be sent out rather than reminders


-Homework includes; TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed, My Maths, daily reading. Meetings with headteacher at The Link Academy regarding what the homework expectations are


-Netherton Park Funday – Sara has done a great job at gathering gardening resources; seeds, books and stickers. Sara has started working with groups of children to plant seeds and design pots. Year 1 and Year 5 to perform songs and dances from their productions


-Workshops: Two parallel workshops for Phonics, discussion over if workshops could be done with children? Children of parents who attend the workshop could be pulled out of class to join parents. Parents would like transition workshops from 5 to 6 and Maths workshops.


-After school clubs which are not expensive; cooking club, sewing, chess club, gardening clubs, craft clubs, gaming club to teach online safety. What is current? What would kids enjoy? Stay and Play could use crossing the road equipment.

- Junior PCSO Officers course will be starting to empower Year 5 and 6 to take responsibility which will aid the pollution project school is involved in. Cones could be used to prevent people parking on the zigzag lines. Add note to newsletter to remind parents about this. Walk to School week in May would be good to get involved in, Jo Price to check resources have been ordered. Parent Council to promote walking bus.

-Parent Council to have time together to meet before meeting with members of SLT




-Will be promoting Nut Free School, letter is ready to go out to new reception parents with signatures as agreement, School nurse will be running workshops in September

-Mugga positioning – could use as holding bay for parents before collecting children

-Parent Council to do a leaflet with picture and information about themselves on, email address to be able to communicate with parents. Annalise to gather everyone’s information by end of the Summer 1. Parent Council to have ownership of meetings. Information booklet to include channels and the school policy of following procedures, ideas and suggestions to develop school

-Bedding at the end of the ramp is being removed

-New fencing is ordered to ensure fence is high enough

-Secondary School children’s behaviour at collection time is not appropriate, a rota to be drawn up to ensure a member of staff is out on the gate

-Raising awareness of safety on the streets during holiday time and the consequences that could arise

- Amy to run coffee mornings to raise awareness of risks with parents and children involved

-Coffee mornings to be open for all parents with an agenda but open for discussion


Leaflet to be sent out: 4th June


Next meeting: 4th June at 9.30


Tuesday 21st May: Parents to meet at 9.00am to finalise leaflet and discuss ideas