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English Intent

Reading is the most important skill we give our pupils as it improves lifelong success for all. Pupils are provided with the communication skills to be competent citizens in a literate world. 

Through the teaching of early phonics, pupils are given the foundation of reading: developing fluency, reading at speed and comprehension skills. The wider curriculum is unlocked through nurturing independence and revisiting, embedding and acquiring new tools for reading year on year. Word-rich quality texts are studied to ensure vocabulary is ‘taught, not caught’. Pupils are exposed to and study a range of genres, enabling them to read as a reader and over time use these techniques to write in the style of chosen authors; ‘magpieing’ their flair and finesse to form their own individual writing style. Automaticity is developed through explicit handwriting practise to support writing flow and cohesion. Pupils are taught how purposefully chosen vocabulary impacts on their reader and the importance of acknowledging the need to critically evaluate their own writing. 


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