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We understand that during this time many children may have questions or are worried about the COVID-19.

Please see attached a booklet  and web site links you could complete with your child to support them in asking any questions and explore any worries they may have as appropriate.


Other links to well being and mindfulness have also been sent via the APP and are on the school website.

Educational Psychology Community Support Line


Tel: 01384 814381


Mondays – Fridays* (9am – 5pm)

Educational Psychology has been working to look at all the available information and resources to support schools, parents and children during the Pandemic.  We hope we have found some of the most relevant and useful for you to access to support your school community.  We have placed the information and resources on Revolution.

Bedazzle - Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing

Young Minds - Supporting Parents

CAMHS Resources


A website containing resources and links to support young people and families with their mental health and emotional wellbeing