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Sports Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Sports premium review 19-20

Northfield Road’s Overall Aim for P.E and Sport

“Every child has the right to enjoy increased participation in sporting activities and develop a healthier lifestyle and mind set.” (Right Respecting Articles – 6, 28, 29, 31)


For the current academic year, 2019/20, Northfield Road Primary School will receive £19,410.


Some aspects of the sports premium have been affected this year by Covid 19.







Next steps

Improve the quality of P.E provision in EYFS & KS1

Specialist Early Years sports coach for the whole year. 


Received constant feedback from staff to analyse confidence and good practice in PE. Some lesson observations have been conducted to support staff.


Staff need continued CPD in this area in order to ensure confidence and teaching of selected skills at ARE.

New PECS style coaching next academic year.

To provide the children with the skills needed to transition to more sports specific skills in secondary education 

Top quality coaching in years 5 and 6.


This has increased the number of teaching staff receiving CPD across the school in some form of physical activity or sport to 86% 12/14.   

Staff have received training for some of the year, but due to COVID 19, we will ensure coaching for staff CPD is continued 20-21 academic year. All teaching staff will receive this.

Increase the number of children in yrs 5/6 receiving ARE PE lessons to 100%.

Coaching in yrs 5/6. All children receive coaching at ARE.


Assessment unfinished due to the COVID 19.

Throughout the course of the next year all children across the school will receive ARE skills specific coaching.

Behaviour at lunch time to be consistently ‘good’.

To have more children engaged in physical activity at lunch time to have a positive impact on behaviour.

The coach works alongside our Sports Leaders and lunch time supervisors to set up and organise sporting activities for our children


Increase the number of children taking part in organised physical activity at lunchtimes to 71%

Monitor the impact on behaviour at lunch time with the coaches in comparison to punch time without the coaches. Do this by logging behavioural incidents to assess impact further.

Increase the number of children taking part in physical activity after school and continue to support Dudley’s Obesity plan

Introduce another after school club aimed at those children in Years 3 and 4

Fund some of the after school clubs, focusing on those pupils who receive FS meals and are on the pupil premium register.


Increase participation in clubs to 24.5% with a focus on children who have FS meals and are on the pupil premium register

Ensure all clubs are fully funded and conducted by a sports qualified coach.

Update PE equipment and add new sporting opportunities for our pupils

Purchased new tennis balls so that we can continue to provide tennis for all children at lunch times and during PE lessons. Other resources include: sponge balls, four-square balls and hurdles. 


Children in all year groups have access to specialised equipment for them to be able to receive skills specific PE lessons and have access to a range of sports.

Continue to replenish equipment using an inventory to see which equipment needs updating. 

Increase participation levels in a wide range of competitive sport and achieve the ‘Silver games mark’.

More clubs put on across school and sporting events attended.


Increase number of children participating in competitive sport to 25%.

Staff more teams for competitions to regain the ‘Gold Games Mark’ in the future. 

Improve children’s emotional, physical literacy, and overall well-being,

Yoga Bugs will be introduced to Year 2, Year 3 in the Spring Term and planned for Year 4 in Summer 2020. 

The Yoga Bugs programme will be broken down into x3 10 week, 1 hour sessions. Staff will work together and share good practice which will lead to better confidence and all round be more motivated and enthused to get involved with planning their own PE lessons.


Impact will be measured through assessment sheets provided by the Yoga Bugs coach.

Assess impact against future use of dance coaches.

Increase participation of all pupils using sporting aids on the playground to 100%.

New sports court and trim trail installed


100% of children given access to the sporting aids. Behaviour improvement to monitored ongoing.

Monitor impact on behaviour and engagement at lunch times.

Provide quality dance provision to 100% of the children throughout the year.

DPA dance instructors once a week for all year groups across the year.


(100%) of children received top quality coaching in dance which has led to pupils joining dance clubs outside of school. Dance continues to break down gender-specific sports within our school. This is a 15% improvement from last year as we were able to provide dance instruction for Reception.  

Assess the impact and monitor levels of engagement to assess continued provision.

To provide swimming to ensure that they are able to swim confidently distance of at least 25 metres.  

Year 3 to attend swimming lessons once a week and catch up lessons given to year 6 to enable them to reach the required distance.


To be assessed.

Year 3 to receive swimming lessons again next year, but identify children that need catch up earlier than year 6 and put actions in place in earlier year groups.