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Dear Parents/Carers,


Dudley is in close proximity to other authorities with local additional lockdown measures.  As such, the Local Authority advice is clear and we must all play our part to follow it.  Dudley Authority joins with us in asking you to wear a face covering in and around school.  This includes the pavements, playground, car park and by the Arts Centre.  We also remind you that you should all be social distancing and following the rule of 6.  


Hands, face, space


It's important that parents and carers play their part to protect Dudley borough and avoid a local lockdown 

Do not send children to school if they or any member of your household is displaying symptoms - a fever or new continuous cough or a change in or loss of taste and smell – stay at home and book a test for the symptomatic person.

Dudley council is aware of a national issue with testing, so we are asking only people who have one or more of the three COVID symptoms to book a test. Please persevere in accessing the national website 

or calling 119 for an appointment at a local test centre or a home test. Guidance on isolating should be followed until a test is taken and a result is received.

If your child is currently symptomatic or has had symptoms and is unable to get a test you must complete the ten-day isolation period and must not return to school.

Parents and carers are encouraged to visit the Dudley Council website for useful information and practical guidance

Parent reminder

  • It may also be useful, wherever possible, to remind your parents/carers:
  • Regular hand washing is still vital
  • Keep a safe distance from others (2 metres where possible)
  • Continue to limit your contact with other people
  • Wear face coverings over your nose and mouth to protect yourself and others
  • Remember HANDS, FACE, SPACE
  • Stay apart as much as possible to reduce household transmission and to follow the government’s ‘rule of six’ which makes it illegal for people anywhere in the country to meet in groups of more than six, indoors or outdoors