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Mrs Bennett's Update - Day 4

Afternoon troops,


Everything is settling down a bit now and everyone is starting to try and get into a routine.  It is different communicating in a virtual world rather than fist bumping and saying hi!


I have had lots of feedback and many of you are missing school.  This is a moment in history and you will be back to school eventually.  It is hard having different routines and not knowing how long we will be asked to 'stay home' but remember, by staying at home YOU ARE A HERO, saving lives.  Well done!


You can do something to make your mark.  Keep a diary, you never know it might be published!  Write down each day your thoughts, feelings and daily routine. Include news and drawings.  This is a moment in time.  You are living through it.  Children in years to come will study the year 2020 at school, you are living it.  Another idea, is to take part in the county-wide campaign and make a rainbow; stick it in your window for all to see.  Lastly, to do your bit,  draw or write a letter to an elderly person and email to school.  We can forward to individuals and care homes.  Don't put on any personal details just your first name will do.


On that note, stay safe on-line.  STOP is just as important. Use kind words in chats, do not give out personal information and don't talk to strangers.  There are useful links to keeping safe on-line on the school web-site.


Keep going and stay strong team!


Missing you already,


Mrs Bennett