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Thank You

Thanks so much to moms, dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters and carers  for attending the parent meeting yesterday morning and for asking important questions about the school and how we're going to move forward since the Ofsted visit. It was very well attended and we appreciate everyone's involvement, support and pertinent questions. Thank you.

For those who couldn't attend but have either come to see me personally or contacted  Mrs Brass, your questions and support have been noted and  we're in the process of responding to these. The outcome is not one any school wants to be, but it is a journey and I hope you feel that your concerns were heard and questions were answered.

 'The only way  is up!' as one parent so eloquently put it.

Please have faith and believe everyone in school wants the best for your children and we will work tirelessly to do everything needed to continue to make the changes necessary and transform the outcome as quickly and as rapidly as possible. Over time, we strive to gain your trust and look forward to a positive future partnership with yourselves for our children.