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Emergency Lockdown Procedure

Today we will be practising our emergency lockdown procedure.  This is a new procedure in school, designed to keep everyone safe in the unlikely event of having unwanted intruders on the school site that may or may not be intent on causing us harm.  


It involves all external and internal doors being locked, whilst children and staff sit as quietly as possible in their (locked) classrooms.


I have led a whole school assembly with the children so that they are fully aware of its purpose.   Hopefully, we will be carrying out the drill in such a way that children will not be unduly alarmed.


Although this is our first practice, we will be required to practise this procedure once every term.


This is a government requirement.  I'm sure you will agree that keeping our children safe is our number one priority.  


Thank you for your support and understanding.


Update - the drill has taken place and the children were amazingly sensible!  Well done, everyone!