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Headteacher Awards

Headteacher Awards this week go to:

Hana , Alfie , Ruby , Dexter , Bethany  and Casey  in Reception.

Chanayah , Jensen , Charlie , Kai , Courtney-Lei , Maisy, Zara-May, Hudson, Izzy  and Ava.  in Year 1.

Megan, Kerrell. Shywa, Eboseremen and  Bradley in Year 2.

Sophie, Connor, Nellie-May and Regan in Year 3.

Zara, Kamron, Kaleb, Phoebe in year 4

Lacey, Kaci-Anne, Daniel and Safa in Year 5.

Kian, Emily, Brooke, Maddie, Heidi and Wiktoria in Year 6


We also had a treat with Aayan playing the piano for the whole school.

What a talented young man!


WELL DONE to you all!