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Message to Students

I have been writing to your families a lot over the past few days but today I am writing to YOU!

Firstly, I wanted to say how proud I am of you all – my troopers. You have been fantastic this year but especially over the past few weeks. It has been strange times – having to wash your hands about 50 times per day, must have felt a bit odd, nevertheless you did as you were asked, without any grumbling and for that I am very grateful.


It has felt very strange this week as your classes have become smaller and smaller. Some of your friends have not been here because they have not felt well or have been away from school so they did not catch any bugs. School life has carried on and you have helped to make this as normal as possible –well done!


It is going to become even stranger, as of today, school will close for most of you. We have given you a pack of activities and there will be online learning provided each day, you should already have the log in details and your teacher will be setting you work and activities.


We look forward to having you back at Northfield Road Primary School. If you have questions for your teacher, you can do this via Google Classrooms.


A special message for Year 6:


I am uncertain whether we will return to school before the end of the academic year, this means I may not be able to say goodbye and wish you good luck for the future but when schools re-open, wherever you may be, I will make sure that we have a reunion in school (that is where you can all come to school together) and celebrate your journey at Northfield Road Primary.


While you are off school, remember to spend time with precious family, read books, play games and stay safe. I look forward to seeing you all again in a few months’ time.


Take care troops,

Mrs Bennett